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    Dubai — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and Dubai is the heart of the Middle East.

    Many tourists are wondering what to do in Dubai, in addition to relaxing on the beach and by the pool at the hotel. Fortunately, the city is able to surprise by a variety of entertainments such as shopping at the giant shopping centers and excursions to archaeological excavations and parks. History lovers should visit the Antiquities Museum open-air Heritage Village. Here you can get acquainted with folk traditions and centuries-old culture of the Emirates.

    There are diurnal bus trips with many stops for visiting main attractions in Dubai. In addition, the city is famous for its artificial island, from bird's eye view they seem constructed in the form of palm trees and specially designed to attract tourists. Another feature of Dubai is its countless high-rise buildings. The city holds the world record for the tallest skyscraper - the height of the Burj Khalifa is 828 meters.

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    Climate in Dubai

    Type of climate is arid. Winters in Dubai are short and warm. The coldest month is January, its average temperature is +20 ° C. At night it can drop to + 14 ° C. From December to March, most of the precipitations fall. Rains are brief. The rest period is characterized by dry and hot weather. In August, in the warmest month, the average temperature is +35,1 ° C, but on certain days can exceed +40 ° C.

    Time of the year: UTC + 4

    Dialling code: +0 (4)

    Prices in Dubai

    The most luxurious city on the planet is very friendly to tourists. Dinner at the restaurant will cost $ 8, and one kilometer by taxi - only 50 cents.

    Restaurant 8,17 $
    Cappuccino 4,77 $
    Water (0.33 ml) 0,35 $
    Bread 1,33 $
    Transport ticket 1,36 $
    Taxi (1 km) 0,54 $

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    Airports in Dubai

    Dubai International 
    Al Maktoum


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    Air China
    Air France
    Azerbaijan Airlines