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    Chennai — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    Chennai is one of the largest megacities of India, washed by the gentle waters of the Bay of Bengal. The city was founded in the middle of the seventeenth century on the south-eastern coast of the country. He is connected by rail to Kolkata and Bombay.

    If you don't know what to do in Chennai go to the Marina Beach. It stretched for twelve kilometers, which allowed him to enter the list of the longest beaches of the planet. Here you can see the real life of the country. Fishermen repair networks and engage in their craft, providing the city with fresh fish, and local residents organize picnics.

    If you love animals then visit the park of deer. Here you can admire the rare Indian antelope. Do you like more scaring animals? Then go to a park of snakes with unique species of reptiles or crocodile farm, where reptiles of all kinds live.

    If you want to become a star of local cinema, then you should visit India. Go to the country for delicious tea, fragrant spices and the famous Bollywood. Plan your trip and book flights to Chennai right now on our website.

    Climate in Chennai

    The type of climate is subequatorial monsoon. During the year the city is hot and humid. In summer, the average temperature exceeds +30°C, while the minimum temperature in the year is +24°C. From July to December, the rainy season lasts (200 mm per month), and from January to May there is almost no precipitation.

    Time zone: UTC+5:30

    Phone code: +91 44

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