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    Budapest — online booking air tickets on Tripway.com

    There are a lot of beautiful cities that attract tourists for its architecture in Europe. One of them is Budapest that has kept many magnificent historical buildings which are surprising visitors to this day. In this city, you immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the beautiful palaces, picturesque streets and spacious squares, the architecture of which takes you to the XVIII century of Hungary.

    If you are interested in sightseeing in Budapest then make sure you head to Andrassy Avenue. This is the most representative street of the city, a lot of historical buildings of the Neo-Renaissance are situated here, and moreover, this street was chosen for visiting by the huge amount of tourists from around the world.

    The Theatre of Operetta is located on the main street; it was opened in 1884, Drekslersky Palace, the Museum of Franz Liszt and other significant places of Budapest are also situated there. Make sure to visit the Castle and the area where the Royal Palace is as well as Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion.

    If you get tired of exploring the city all day you can have a look at some clubs such as "A38" which has been remade from Ukrainian barge “Artemovsk 38”. "Alcatraz" and "Chachacha" clubs that also deserve an attention. You can book flights to Budapest on our website.

    Climate in Budapest

    Type of climate is moderately continental. Winter in Budapest is very soft and short. The average temperature is -0,5 ° C. Summer is relatively long and hot, but usually without extremes in temperature. In July, the average temperature rises till + 22 ° C. A lot of precipitations take a place in May, June, and August.

    Winter time: UTC + 1

    Summer time: UTC + 2

    Dialling code: +36 (1)

    Prices in Budapest

    The city on the banks of the Danube impresses with its beauty and pleasant prices. A cup of fragrant cappuccino costs almost one and a half dollars and a kilometer by taxi - a dollar.

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