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    Amsterdam is a reflection of real freedom in all its manifestations. This city is very popular among young people, but the capital of the Netherlands will be able to conquer by its sights any traveler.

    Every foreign tourist can easily find something to do and see in Amsterdam. It is attractive for visitors because of a variety of attractions. Here you can visit many museums, which have no analogs anywhere in the world. For example hemp museum, museum of erotica or interactive museum of canals of Amsterdam. Connoisseurs of fine art are recommended to visit a Stedelek museum, museum of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Rijksmuseum. Also in Amsterdam there is a national maritime and historic museums.

    Amsterdam is a modern and dynamic city. Meanwhile, here you will find several old churches and cathedrals, the structure of some of them dates back to the 14th century. In the evening, Amsterdam offers an endless variety of performances and events in theaters Stadsschouwburg, Bellevue, De la Mar, Frascati or in the National Opera.

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    Climate in Amsterdam

    Type of climate is moderate. Winters are mild; the temperature rarely drops below zero. Summer without extreme changes. Average maximum is +22 ° C, above + 30 ° C temperature can stay no more than three days. Walking in Amsterdam in spring and autumn don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you, most of the annual precipitations fall during this period. Do not forget the spring field of tulips in April. This is a special spectacle that is worth your attention.

    Winter time: UTC + 1

    Summer time: UTC + 2

    Dialing code: +31 (20)

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    Amsterdam Schiphol


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